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In this page we hope to show you that our Affiliate Program is the best that you can find to make money online.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program is an arrangement in which an online-merchant (product provider) pays an affiliate (agent) due commissions for every successful referral sales. It is a win-win relationship because the online-merchant only has to create products and leave the product promotion or marketing activities to the affiliate. The affiliate is able to promote the products by posting or sharing links (web address) that points to the online-merchant's online shop or website. 

How does the online-merchant know which affiliate to pay after a referral sale?

The online-merchant provide his affiliates their own Account  Panel accessible in the online shop, where they are given their own unique affiliate-ID number. This affiliate-ID number is intended to be combined with the web address where the product is to be promoted online by the affiliate. The web address with an included affiliate-ID number is more conveniently called an "affiliate-link" . This affiliate-link is the whole web address that the affiliate will post or share to people online so that they can be forwarded to the online shop where the product can be purchased. The built-in computer program in the online shop will then associate the successful sale to the referring affiliate by co-relating the unique affiliate-ID used in the promotion activity.

Why you should consider becoming an affiliate?

  1. . You can start quickly to make money online
  2. . You don't do selling because the merchant's online shop will do the selling for you. You only need to posts or share links to people, that's it.
  3.  You don't need experience. You just need to reach as many people as you can, online or offline
  4. . You dont need to create a product. The products are already done, you just need to promote them
  5. . There is no limit to the number of sales that you can make in a day
  6. . You can have this as your own online business that you can do anywhere and at your own convenient time

How is our Affiliate Program different from others?

  1. . While in other's program the affiliates can only make a single commission per customer, our program on the other hand, allow affiliates to earn repeat commissions from repeat referral sales with the same customer during the 180-day cookie life period (better than Amazon's 24-hour cookie life).
  2. . Our affiliates can also earn residual income. For example, they can earn additional multi-tier bonus commissions.
  3. . Our Affiliate Program utilizes an auto-responder software which automatically send follow-up messages (everyday) to your prospects so that you can make sales more and quickly.
  4. . While other online-merchant only provide their affiliates non-responsive website, our online-shop is fully responsive so that affiliates can even target customers in their smart phones or tablets.
  5. . While other online-merchant websites can only show one currency, our online shop automatically shows the prices in the currency that is appropriate to the customer's country location. This way, the customer will feel our online shop is local to them and can help with their buying decisions.
  6. . Lifetime free training and support is provided!


Will our products sell like hot cakes?

To gauge the authenticity and efficacy of our products, you can check what the Medical Doctors say by visiting the Product Testimonial page.

You can also see the market size in terms of global monthly searches:

How much can be earned?

There are numerous products to promote, but for a sample earning let's just look at a Global Package:

No. of Sales Commission
1 $ 42.00
2 $ 84.00
4 $ 168.00
8 $ 336.00
16 $ 672.00
32 $ 1,344.00
64 $ 2,688.00


How to join our Affiliate Program?

You will need to satisfy the following requirements:

  1. . You are not yet a Distributor from other AIM GLOBAL group
  2. . You have a live website or blog that has relevant content and looks professional
  3. . You have filled-in and submitted the Affiliate Program Application Form below:


Affiliate Program Application Form:

By clicking the "Submit Application" you declare that :
  1. . You are not yet a Distributor from other AIM GLOBAL group
  2. . You agree with the Affiliate Terms and Conditions
  3. . You agree to receive occasional email from us

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