Purchase Terms & Conditions

By confirming your order you agree to the following terms and conditions:


The following conditions describe how the delivery of your order will be implemented. 

Start of Delivery

Delivery of order will only commence upon receipt of full payment.

Point of Origin

Although the majority of goods are manufactured in U.S.A. and Japan, all goods are still warehoused for distribution from Philippines. Membership ID's and ATM cards are also processed and created in the Philippines.

Time of Delivery

Since all goods and cards will come from Philippines the delivery time depends on how far the destination address is. Below are estimated time of deliveries based on Philippine time:

  • Goods to local address: 2 to 7 working days
  • Goods to foreign address: 5 to 16 working days
  • Cards to local address:  3 to 10 working days
  • Cards to foreign address: 10 to 45 working days

Please note that the above lead times are estimated values only and should not be taken accurately because delivery times also depend on the following factors:

  • Your response time to our verification calls or email confirmation requests
  • Your fulfillment time to submit completed forms and document requirements for Membership ID and ATM cards
  • How quick your local post office deliver to your door

Proof of Delivery

We take pictures of the Packaging of goods or cards, together with the destination address and recipient's name, while it is mailed in the Post Office. Copy of these photos and delivery details (such as receipts and tracking code) are then emailed to the customer immediately.
If order is via Express shipping method we mainly use registered mail service so that customers can track online the progress of the delivery of their order.



The following conditions will determine if any cancellation of order is valid or not.

Requesting to Cancel an Order

  • You can no longer cancel your order when your order has already been posted in the Post Office. You can however, claim a "product refund and buy back" in accordance to the policy in the next section.
  • You can request to cancel your order preferably within 24 hours from the time you have placed the order

Cancelation Due to Non-receipt of Payment

  • Your order will be "canceled due to non-receipt of payment" if your payment is not yet received within 5 days from the date you have placed the order
  • Repetetive cancelation due to non-receipt of payment will cause your account and IP address being blocked from our site

Cancelation Due to a Suspicous Address

  • Your order may be canceled if you have provided a suspicious address, such as, but not limited to, a i.e. PO Box address.



The following conditions must be complied with before any refund or buy back is done.

  1. The products are still in good condition and still saleable
  2. The product codes are not yet encoded
  3. Products are still at least (8) months before the expiry date
  4. Products are without traces of leak, pinholes, discoloration or fading of the packaging materials
  5. Supported by proof of purchase
  6. If you are a co-distributor, the distributorship is being terminated due to company policy violation or voluntary termination
  7. Products being returned will be checked to see if the product was subjected to heat or if it contains signs of discoloration
  8. There should be no sign or pattern of repetitive product refund and buy back
  9. Buy back and refund will be subject to computation to determine return shipping cost, loss in cost of money and taxes paid
  10. Request for buy back and refund should be in writing (10) days before the actual buy back and refund transaction is to be made.



We will only exchange products only if the returned products are defective or substandard and are not yet encoded. The following procedure shall be applied to effect a product exchange:

  1. You, the consumer, must request an exchange in writing within (10) days immediately following the day you have received the product/s.
  2. Upon inspection, the returned products, if deemed defective or substandard, will be replaced with undamaged products or a full refund will be done



You are solely responsible to ensure that the products or it's ingredients, including their amount, contained in your order are all legally allowed to enter the country you are sending it to. In the event that a "return of parcel by customs" has occurred, you agree that will only refund the cost associated to the products as "returned to sender" and not the costs associated to shipping, handling and payment type fee.



You are expected to conduct honest business transactions with us as per legal legislations. Fraudulent activity, such as, but not limited to, dishonestly raising a Paypal Dispute of false "Non-receipt Claim", false "Not as Described Claim", or any false claims that are criminal in nature will be reported to international and local authoritiies to bring about due prosecution, penalties and banning from other business communities and payment systems.



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